Chicago Wedding Bands & Special Event Bands-What You Want To Know & What You NEED To Know!

You are visiting our site because you are searching for experienced wedding bands or special event bands within Chicago Illinois or beyond…. 
As you browse through all the websites for Chicago wedding bands and orchestra, they all say the exact same thing…Best wedding band in Chicago, Chicago’s first choice in wedding music, exceptional live music in chicago, best orchestra in chicago, Chicago’s hottest wedding band, or top wedding band chicago-this list can go on and on. These are bold claims to make with no quantifiable way to actually prove them.  

We are not going to make these desperate and competitive claims for live music or chicago wedding music. Instead, we are going to be REAL with you, giving you information you need to know to make the most informed decision to hire the right musical group for you. In this process, you will encounter a lot of smoke and mirrors and we are going to help you see through them RIGHT NOW!

Most likely, you want to know the following first in your search for established and reputable live wedding bands or corporate entertainment:

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~ What do we sound like?     CLICK HERE to listen to our live music.

~ What are our options?        We can offer soloists to a 15 piece band/chicago wedding orchestra.

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For additional questions you’ll WANT answers to, please CLICK HERE for our FAQ Page. 


Wedding/Corporate Packages & Rates Should Be Customized To Your Event & Should NOT be “Cookie Cutter”.

In order to receive a quote, an entertainment group should be asking you for information about your event before blindly sending you packages and rates that may not be suitable for you and your event. Live entertainment companies prove both their value and experience and show they care about you by asking you specific questions about your event. We encourage you to fill out our contact form CLICK HERE before contacting us so we obtain a clear picture regarding the logistics of your event. We then will set up a phone appointment with you to discuss the variables and music to provide you with a customized quote. Speaking via phone is personable and is the best method of clear communication. Tone is often lost through email and text-please don’t underestimate the importance of speaking via phone.

Know What Backing Tracks Are. Beware Of The Trickery And Ask Your Band/Wedding Orchestra if they are using Karaoke Tracks BEFORE You Hire Them.

The dirty little secret among most wedding groups both throughout the Chicago area, as well as regionally, and nationally, is that they use backing tracks when “performing” music. In many instances, the wedding band musicians will pretend to perform to the recordings or backing tracks of songs, “acting” and attempting to fool the bride & groom and all of their wedding guests.  Sometimes, they are bold enough to even use recordings of background vocalists and even horns when they are not actually present. Don’t be disappointed on your special day only to discover your musical entertainment is pretending to perform live music rather than actually playing their instruments or singing. Most importantly, don’t overspend for a wedding  band that is using karaoke recordings and doing less than professional sounding covers to your favorite songs, Always hire real musicians like us…. We provide REAL live music with REAL musicians. Our musicians are high-level professionals passionate about performing. All of our live music is real, authentic, pure, and true. Every live note you will hear is coming from our musicians and only our musicians!

Wedding Etiquette-Wedding Crashers & Interviews Are Invasive. Your Privacy Is Our Priority!

Please remember, if your wedding entertainment is inviting you to see them perform live at at someone’s wedding reception, they will most certainly invite complete strangers to crash your wedding. This is a move displayed by desperate and unprofessional wedding groups that prioritize self promotion. They should be 100 % focused on entertaining you and your guests, as well as protecting your privacy! As you browse the websites of potential wedding entertainment, you may find the entertainment interviewing couples at their own weddings. Will you want to be questioned and interviewed on camera by your wedding orchestra on your special day regarding how great they are?  You band leader or group of musicians should be worried about giving you the time of your lives during the precious and fleeting moments you have at your wedding rather than interviewing you about it. If you see this displayed on a wedding group’s website, you may have to think twice about even contacting a group that is this invasive. We respect your privacy and all we care about is making sure you and your guests have the best time of your lives. With us, you don’t have to worry about wedding crashers or interviews. We are not concerned with self promotion; we only care about you and your guests!

Utilize Modern & Convenient Technological Resources at Your Fingertips-Reviews, Awards, Video, & Audio. Don’t Waste Your Time Viewing Bar Bands & Going to “Showcases”.

You want the best possible music for your special day, but how do you find the cream of the crop? Reading reviews is one of the best ways to gauge the quality of a wedding band/orchestra. However, just a few reviews won’t cut the mustard! You NEED to see HUNDREDS of outstanding 5 star client reviews to know that your wedding entertainment is experienced and exceptional. Aside from the sheer number of reviews, pay attention to the quality and quantity of text in the reviews. Truly read the content of what the couples write about the wedding groups. If couples consistently rave about a band/orchestra wedding in great detail, you’ll  know a band/orchestra is of very high value. Please CLICK HERE to read our reviews and we promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Aside from reviews, be sure to pay attention to the number and quality of awards wedding groups receive. If you see a large number of awards by reputable wedding websites and from fortune 500 companies over a period of years, it’s a no brainer that the wedding entertainment you are looking at is stellar and unquestionably one of the best energetic wedding bands in the wedding industry for a sustainable amount of time. Please CLICK HERE to view our awards.

Finding a quality live wedding band/upbeat orchestra for weddings is easy and convenient because you don’t even have to leave the conveniences of your own home to do it! If you want to see and hear live bands, you are clicks away from doing so by viewing video and audio. If a group has a large collection of video and audio, you can watch and listen to hundreds of clips within a very short period of time. You also have the ability to re-watch or re-listen to song-list clips as many times as you’d like. In this regard, the internet is reliable, convenient, and instantaneous. If a wedding group does not have a music website link or does not have both video and audio clips, they may not be tech savvy and they are definitely outdated!  Also, without  a website, video, or audio, you may have to question if they have something to hide….

Attempting to see wedding entertainment perform live can be very time consuming, disappointing, and doesn’t make much sense with the convenience of the internet. You could scout a number of wedding bands and a orchestra in chicago via the internet in the time it takes to drive one way in the Chicago area with crazy traffic, construction, and weather. Also, can you imagine driving  a long time in horrible traffic in dangerous weather, only to find out the show for a local wedding band/live orchestra you traveled to see was canceled?

If a wedding group invites you to see them at a bar-this is the first problem that needs addressing immediately. If a wedding music band/orchestra for your wedding is of superior quality they wouldn’t be performing at a bar in the first place. Also, if a wedding group is in high demand, they will be performing weddings and wouldn’t have much time to perform live. Groups and dance bands that perform in bars most likely don’t specialize in what you are looking specifically for which is music for real weddings and live music entertainment!

Lastly, please don’t be fooled if a wedding group mentions they are going to have a “showcase” performance open to the public. Don’t be blinded by the word “showcase”, as most likely, a group that uses this clever word is trying to sound professional while simply performing at a bar. If you are browsing a website and the band for hire/wedding music orchestra uses “showcase” to describe their show, immediately look to see WHERE they are performing. Ninety-nine out of one-hundred times the performance will be at a bar. If you find this is the case, save yourselves a wasted trip! They simply will not have the experience or the capability of coordinating, emceeing, or performing the most danceable music for your wedding. Make the clear and obvious choice and hire an award winning group that specializes in weddings, such as us!

We trust you’ve found this information insightful as well as helpful! We are here for you and to describe our chicago entertainment services to you in detail. We have so much more advice and beneficial information to share with you. Please contact us to learn more about the wedding marketplace. We’d love to hear from you and learn about you and your event!