The Positive Effects Of Music

The holidays are over; some of us have already abandoned our New Year’s resolutions, and what lies ahead of us are several months of a cold Chicago winter. But we have good news in store for you! Listening to music can actually improve your mood! Here’s how it works- take our tips and instead of suffering from the winter blues, enjoy singing the songs of your mood!

  • Music’s advantageous effects on mental health have been known for thousands of years. Ancient philosophers used it to relieve stress.


  • Many people find recognizable music reassuring and calming. In fact, music is so efficient in reducing anxiety, it is often used in medical settings to help patients manage their stress/anxiety about procedures.


  • The tone of music is equally important in terms of how your body responds to music. Your brain understands cheerfulness from pieces played in a major key.


  • Researchers have discovered that you can intentionally improve your mood by listening to upbeat music. Music can not only improve your mood, but also change your entire view of yourself, a moment, or the world.


  • So think about how much fun you and your guests are going to have grooving on the dance floor.Choose your favorite songs here!