New Songs For Weddings Added!

What are some of your top wedding songs that you’ve heard at wedding receptions? If you’re like most people, other than remembering one or two songs you probably recall the feeling you had at a reception rather than the specific song itself. It is not your job as the guest or as the client to have the large and important task of choosing and playing the right songs in the right way and order with the goal of leaving your guests thinking the following day or months/years to come that your wedding is one of the best they have attended. While there are many things that set the tone of a wedding including the venue, the mood of yourselves I know it’s weird to think about but it is true, or the décor, it is no doubt that wedding music is truly instrumental in achieving a happy night for all.

We recently had a blast learning and recording some of our favorite songs to add to our playlist! We put tons of thought into our song selections for wedding songs for your wedding reception. How do we do it? By getting the opinions of others. As artists we have our own opinions but what is fun and important to us is reaching out to others we know that enjoy music, attend weddings, or are of a variety of ages. This helps us narrow down our wedding music list to choose songs that may reach the most people at an event. Overall, we are looking for music that we observe speaks to people with the ultimate goal of making them feel fun and worry-free! We’re featuring a list of songs by chicago musicians, current hits played on the radio, some 80s/90s throwbacks, and songs from every genre that are highly requested at events we play- they are the top songs that get our clients up and on their feet.

We guarantee our new chicago band list of songs will have all ages running to the dance floor after hearing just the few chords! Our tunes will undoubtedly bring your friends and family together (you know what we mean- big circle, arms wrapped around each other, and all your guests singing along to every word!) You may notice in our video that we are wearing a variety of clothing- from casual, to more funky, to quite formal. We did this intentionally as we truly cater to each couple and each venue and event. If you want your wedding to be laid back and casual, we speak with you in detail and will dress the part to follow your theme. Wanting something more formal? That is perfectly fine and we will be our prim and proper selves So anyways, please turn up the sound on your computer! We hope you enjoy the new clips as much as we enjoy playing them! And please feel free to continually check our link as we are updating our music list continually in order to guarantee a variety of song selections. Check them out at