New Video Footage!


It’s here, it’s here! We’re thrilled to show you our new video featuring some of our favorite songs! Please check it out at:

We had a blast rocking out to some of our new recordings as well as a couple of classics and ballads. In fact, we may have had a little too much fun- it was super difficult to decide which songs to showcase so please remember to check out some of our additional music clips at: Also know we have a ton more in our repertoire as well!

See Us Perform

We have definitely heard your request to see us perform so we hope you enjoy this video as much as we love performing. Because of our insane demand for weddings, it is not too often we have availability to perform live, however when we do some of our favorite venues include Navy Pier and The House of Blues. Feel free to join our mailing list on the bottom of our website to be in the know about our live performances.

Here’s hoping to see you live at a wedding singing and dancing along with us.