Fun Bachelorette Party Tips 

1. Approach the bride-to-be for a list of guests for her bachelorette party that includes her family and her closest and dear friends. It is imperative that she feels very comfortable around these individuals in a party setting.

2. Keep the planning straightforward and enroll in help from others who are invited. Be as accommodating as possible when you are arranging for everyone to meet, and be receptive to recommendations and guidance from all the other girls attending the bachelorette party.

3. If the party will be traveling out of the state or out of the country, book your plane flight early to save money on plane tickets. This will allow you to allocate funds to other areas of the bachelorette party, such as a manicure or a pedicure with all the girls.

4. Advanced planning is key to ensure everyone is organized and relaxed, especially the bride! If you are having an all day and night affair, be sure to construct an itinerary. You’ll want to email and text all the bridesmaids in advance. Depending upon how intensive the itinerary is, you may want to consider handing out paper copies on-site to be certain everyone knows exactly what is going on. Also, don’t forget to indicate if the dress is formal or informal so everyone can plan accordingly regarding what to wear.

5. Implement unique ideas to make the day special, as long as all the bridesmaids will feel comfortable participating in all the events. The bride will want her day and night to be original and fun, but not TOO outside the box. The most important aspect to remember is to ensure the bride-to-be will spend QUALITY time with all of her closest friends and family.






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