Chicago Wedding Band

We are a combination of a live music band and a high-energy Chicago wedding band, with wedding planners and coordinators to make your wedding day a success, all wrapped into one package. We are an exceptionally rare case in the wedding industry. In Chicago, Illinois you will most of the time have a band or DJ and a wedding coordinator as part of the venue or an outsourced coordinator. We make it simple for all of our couples, even if we already be booked by the time you contact us; we are writing this blog to help you understand what you absolutely need for your wedding.

All your vendors and coordinators must be on the same page to ensure smooth transitions regarding the introductions, cake cutting, toasts, blessing, special dances, or any additional special events and emceeing. These elements are just as essential as having a band playing to packed the dance floor and must be addressed!

We strongly suggest hiring high-quality wedding vendors that have won awards, have outstanding client reviews, and have years of experience in the wedding industry to guarantee your big day a success!

Our next few blogs will be covering the difference between a Midwestern style wedding versus a New York style wedding. Also, we’ll be featuring our favorite vendors and venues in Chicago!

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