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Your event is special, and your live music can make or break your wedding. Parties are often judged by how much your guests dance. Chicago is truly a dancing town, and Chicago weddings are considered successful if the band’s music keeps your dance floor packed. If you want the best wedding bands and entertainers in Chicago, you have to know where to look and know the right questions to ask once you’ve found a group or a few groups you have an interest in for your big day.

Finding Quality Chicago Bands

First, you’ll want to do a Google search and type in relevant terms or words to find quality Chicago bands. For instance, if you are seeking a jazz band, you may want to type “jazz music Chicago wedding, or if you are doing a more general search, “Chicago music wedding.If you are searching for all vendors and are curious to see what might pop up, you may simply type in,weddings’ Chicago.No matter which of these terms you type in, undoubtedly, you’ll find a long list of bands, many of which will most likely be appropriate for you.

Popular Websites And Magazines Specializing in Chicago Weddings

To narrow your search and find a great Chicago band, you’ll want to consider doing a Google search for the name of specific and well-liked magazines specializing in Chicago weddings. Generally, the companies that support these magazines also support websites that feature the highest quality wedding vendors. You also may find a quality band being advertised within your favorite bridal magazine. Something to consider… if you are searching within a high-end bridal magazine or bridal website, the bands featured within these sources will probably be high-end and worth looking into.

Websites And Attention To Detail

Once you find a band that catches your eye, immediately go to their website and thoroughly investigate to see if they are a right fit for you…. Does their website appear professional, and is it highly informative and easy to read? Does their wording make sense, or are there major grammatical and punctuation errors throughout their website? If a website is informative, displays the correct usage of grammar, and is impeccable or close to perfect regarding punctuation, you are very likely to be in great shape. The group is worth investigating further. If their website lacks the necessary information and is difficult to read, and there are multiple issues regarding grammar and punctuation, the group most likely isn’t experienced, and you should move on quickly. If a group doesn’t take the time to list vital information or lacks attention to detail regarding grammar and punctuation, you probably don’t want to entrust this group to handle all the important details regarding performing for your special day.

Quality, Top Rated Reviews

Any quality wedding band website should feature hundreds of five-star quality reviews from their couples and clients, at the very least. Furthermore, the reviews should span at least several years, and the reviews should encompass both old reviews and very recent reviews from a few months prior to the present. A large number of quality reviews show the band has the experience and can easily be trusted. A lack of quality reviews indicates a band has minimal experience or is not at the level you would expect for your wedding.

The Importance Of Wedding Band Video And Sound Samples

Another key component to a great professional wedding band website is the display of video and sound samples. Great-sounding video and sound samples are a very positive sign. However, the more the video and sound samples present, the merrier, as this displays the breadth of music a band is capable of performing. If you see just one very brief video or two sounds samples and still decide you are interested enough to contact the band, ask for more videos and sound bytes. They should be able to provide these for you. If not, this is a sign you should look for another band. Lastly, and importantly, ensure all the samples are of the highest quality. The quality of the samples often indicates the quality of the band. Impressive videos and sound are expected both via the Internet as well as live! In truth, outstanding video and great-sounding mp3s don’t ALWAYS lead to a terrific sounding band, BUT THEY CERTAINLY DO MOST OF THE TIME! Poor-quality video and audio clips ALWAYS LEAD TO A LESS THAN PROFESSIONAL MUSIC GROUP!

 Are They Personable and Easy To Work With?

Once you’ve scoured a band site and determined that they appear professional enough to contact, you may initially contact them via email or text. Always make it a point to speak with them via phone. There is little to no tone via text and email, but you’ll be able easily to tell if a wedding band is a great fit for you based on speaking to the bandleader or the owner of the group/company via phone. Personality means a lot more than most think. You’ll want to remember that you’ll be dealing with your band for months or years prior to your wedding, depending upon the length of your engagement. If they are personable and easy to work with, your experience with them will be professional, fun, and pleasurable. If they are not good communicators or are awkward, this could lead to a lot of stress before and on your wedding day, as well as mishaps on the day of.

Focusing On An Available Chicago Band.

The first and most important question to ask a wedding band you are interested in is if the band is actually available on your special day. If you don’t ask this question, you could spend needless time and energy discussing wedding-related questions with this band that are now completely irrelevant since the band will not be available in the first place. Your time is precious and is best served, focusing on an available band.

Hopefully, you’ve found this information regarding how to find a wedding band and generally what to ask when actually reaching out to them. Soon we will post a blog solely dedicated to the questions you should ask a group when interviewing them as a possible candidate to be your wedding band. We covered a few general and helpful questions here, but we will delve deeply into the topic of interviewing your potential wedding band a bit later. Thank you for reading, and we wish you success in finding your wedding group-we hope and trust it is us!

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