Corporate Dance Band

This corporate event took one of the most drastic turns we’ve ever experienced-we transformed from a jazz band to a dance band in a matter of seconds! We might be the only group in the history of the world that’s performed “Autumn Leaves,” followed up by “You Shook Me All Night Long” at the Chicago Cultural Center! Our corporate clients asked us to perform dance music, and within seconds, the dance floor was completely packed with the proverbial flip of a switch!

The last time we remember making such a drastic switch between songs, we were performing for a fortune 500 company in a venue like Trump International Hotel & Tower right in the heart of Chicago a few years ago. Variety in music is always the key to success for any gathering of people. However, we ensure that all music we perform is at a high level, as we aim to impress the most discerning and avid music listener. These are the guests that appreciate concert level musicianship.

We have some interesting corporate functions coming up in 2015, and we’ll make sure to blog about the most interesting and exhilarating experiences we have. The purpose of our blogs is to share our musical experiences with you, educate you, but also entertain you! After all, we are professional musicians AND entertainers! 🙂

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