Corporate Event Entertainment

The goal of each corporate event often vary. Some events require background music to encourage networking and to support conversation while others require dance music. Some require both background music at the very beginning AND dance music later in the event. If you require both background music and dance music, you need to ensure that you hire a group capable of handling both with flying colors. This is what we specialize and excel in!

Our Clients Include…

Allstate Corporation, the Chicago Bulls, General Mills, Inc., Fraternal Order Of Police, Kohl’s Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc., Navy Pier, Inc., Sara Lee Corporation, Shell Oil Company, and many more.

You Can Trust Us With Your Event Because Of Our Extraordinary Customer Service, Expertise, & Vast Experience Within The Music Industry

~ We will ensure you look great to your clients, staff, team, and colleagues because you hired us!

~ Our management team is quick to communicate and will make the booking process for you quick, easy, and efficient.

~ Our production team and musicians will arrive to prepare for your event in a very timely manner.

~ Our musicians will dress professionally and appropriately based on the theme of your corporate event.

~ Our music will always be performed at an appropriate volume to encourage networking, dancing, and/or both.

~ We will provide you with our wireless microphone and state of the art sound system.

~ We will engage your guests, clients, and/or staff in a courteous, friendly, and professional manner.