Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

You and your fiancé have nailed down the wedding date and wedding venues. Now it’s time to get planning with the details of your wedding day. How do you envision your wedding reception? Festive and energetic? Calm and composed? Traditional? If you enjoy unique and unexpected experiences, you might want to consider some of these fun wedding reception ideas.

Take Pictures In The Photo Booth

Photo booths have been showing up at weddings recently as a fun reception idea. You can provide your guests with a variety of props and costume items to spruce up the photos. Many photo booths provide cardboard costume props on a stick, such as glasses, hats, bow ties, mustaches, and fake lips. You can also provide speech bubble chalkboard photo booth props with a white marker or chalk so that your guests can write their sayings in the bubbles. Your guests will enjoy the photos as a keepsake of your fun wedding.

Guest Book Alternative Ideas

Another fun wedding reception idea is to skip the guest book. You could set out a basket of Jenga blocks with markers, and guests can write you a special message on an individual block. Mad Libs are also a great guest book alternative. It is easy to find downloadable templates online. You could also have Polaroid photos taken of guests when they enter your wedding reception. Guests can then write a note next to their image, quickly glued into a scrapbook.

Food Trucks for Wedding Receptions

If your wedding reception is outdoors, you might consider a food truck instead of the traditional catered or venue-provided dinner. You might even want two food trucks for a variety of food or dessert. If you chose the food truck option, you might have cocktail tables nearby so that your guests can eat and mingle or go back to their tables. Since most weddings seem to be formal sit-down dinners, your guests will surely enjoy this unique culinary experience.

Answer trivia questions

Anyone who has been to a wedding knows what the sound of silverware clinking on glass means. Bride and groom must kiss! Why not make this wedding reception tradition a little more fun? At every table, provide your guests with a list of other options for getting a kiss out of the newlyweds. Some ideas are: have your table sing the married couple a love song, demonstrate a kiss for us to copy, or answer a trivia question about the bride and groom.

These are just a few fun ideas to help you brainstorm for your wedding reception. There are many more cute wedding ideas and wedding reception games out there that might also be worth exploring if you are interested in creating a fun, unique wedding reception. Happy planning!

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