Finding The Right Suppliers

From the venue to the music and flowers and beyond, we know the task of finding the perfect vendors for your wedding day and the steps to planning a wedding can be an overwhelming mission. Here are our tips for getting in contact with the people who you want representing your day:

1.Referrals: do any friends/family members (with a similar style to you) have recommendations of people they have used?

2.Reviews: What are people saying about your possible vendors? You may also be able to see if your vendor has won any awards.

3.Website and social media research: Does your vendor have a website that is easily accessible? Is their information on social media itself detailed and notable? These may seem like silly things to look for, but a company that puts time into these aspects knows the importance of quality work and understands what brides/grooms want.

4.Know what you want: Although it’s crucial to keep somewhat of an open mind, know what you’re looking for in a vendor. Have questions prepared ahead of time of what you want to ask the vendor and things that you are willing or unwilling to negotiate.

5.Communication: Speaking to the vendor itself is undoubtedly essential but pay extra attention to the details surrounding your conversations. How accessible is the vendor? Do they respond to you promptly, or do you find yourself waiting to hear back from them? Do you feel collaborative and eager to know about your specific event, or does it seem more about gaining additional business?

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