Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Our previous post about selecting wedding vendors was such a hit we thought we’d begin to break down the process even more for couples. We’ll be adding a series of write-ups of our strategies for choosing the people you may want to work with you on your big day. So here we go, choosing the perfect photographer (there are literally hundreds!)


Begin with the Online Search: We’ve already touched on how to be smart about research online. Because there are so many photographers, you may also narrow your search more by going on websites that match your style in the first place. If you’re not a traditional person and are looking for something more unconventional, your online search should be using an alternative website (i.e., the Offbeat bride). This should save you some time in your hunt.


Meet with Photographers: After you have narrowed down your research online, select a few favorites (and we really mean a few, the more you have to choose from the more confusing the process can be!) and set up a meeting. Many vendors will work behind the scenes on your wedding day; a photographer is not one of them. Therefore, because you most likely want your day to be as fun and least stressful as possible, pay close attention to personality just as much as talent. This person will have lots of face time with you and your partner, your families, and your wedding party so if you sense they will positively mesh well and help with the flow of your day, that’s great. If you like their work but feel it’s not a good character fit with you or your vision for your day, that is something to consider seriously.


View Wedding Albums: Do not just base your opinion solely on the photographs featured on the photographer’s website. These give a nice indication of their style, but it’s important to see someone’s full work. Inquire about looking at previous client’s wedding albums so you can get a clear vision of how their day was documented from start to finish. If you feel something was missing that you would have wanted in there for yourself, ask about it.


Find out your Rights: Photographers may have different policies about this but be sure you’re knowledgeable about them before signing a contract so you’re not disappointed. Some wedding photographers own all of the rights and obtain your photos to post/print freely, and you would have to pay for them. This is not a bad policy, but one you would definitely want to be aware of.

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