How weather can affect your wedding

Come on- we know all of our brides and grooms are cool, but what we’re talking about is the wedding weather! Are you just as thrilled as we are for the few days of sunshine we’ve had around Chicago? We hate to say it, but with spring and summer coming up and the excitement (and anxiety!) that may come with looking your best during our most unpredictable wedding seasons. Here are some ideas for easing your mind about wedding day weather, rain, or shine.

 The Weather

1. You will need to seriously consider options for outdoor ceremonies/cocktail hours/receptions. You may have spent a year picturing these things outside, but the most important thing is for your guests to be comfortable and for you to be stress-free. So if your wedding day is unfortunately not the weather you expected and it’s cold, drizzling, too windy, etc., take a breath and pick the best option. We guarantee in years to come, and you will not be disappointed that your plan changed; however you may be devastated that your flowers blew away, your guests were miserable because they got soaked; you know how this goes


2.The Best case scenario is that it’s a beautiful sunny day for your wedding. Keep your guests and bridal party in mind if you have anything planned for outside, and the weather is toasty. Tents can be expensive, but they are an option. Otherwise, we love some very fun ideas on Pinterest and Etsy for keeping your guests focused on you (i.e., custom paper fans, water/ice tea/lemonade bar, etc.). Groomsmen may consider dressing down, so they aren’t too hot. If you want a relaxed and more casual feel, you can also allow the bridal party to wear sunglasses.


Stay Positive

3.We know it’s hard but try not to let the weather get you down. You are in control of your day. You’ve spent countless hours, money, and emotions planning it, so why should crummy weather rain on your parade? If you’re happy, your guests will pick up on that vibe and be happy too. If they can feel your stress and tears, that can negatively impact the day, which is a shame for everyone. The best part is there are some cool pictures you can get out of unpleasant weather that you would never get; otherwise, that’s the stuff you’ll look at for years to come!

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