Real Live Music!

 You may have noticed that one of our tag lines is “Real Music, Real Musicians.” What does that mean exactly? If you’re listening to live music with live musicians, doesn’t that make it all music real? Not necessarily. Here is some inside scoop about wedding bands you might be surprised to know:

1.The music you hear is not necessarily all coming from the musicians you’re seeing. Listen closely the next time you attend a function. To make the sound larger, it is not uncommon for bands to play on top of a track of background music. That’s not us. To get the sound you want, we’ll have an honest discussion about the number of musicians that work for your event, providing you with authentic and professional musicians. We are also comprised of musicians with dual talents- meaning a guitarist might also be a vocalist and so on therefore you’re getting a larger sound in a natural way.

2.We don’t have a set playlist we rotate through at every event we play. Your event is customized and catered to your preferences. We will spend as much time as needed assuring everyone is comfortable and excited about the music. Additionally, we have hundreds of performances behind us and, as a result, are prepared to seamlessly adapt to the unexpected to give you the result you want- an unforgettable day with a packed dance floor!

3.To us, it’s your big day and only your big day! We are 100% focused on your event from the start of the ceremony until your last guest has departed. We are dedicated to our performance. Hence, we will NEVER invite a prospective couple to stop by your wedding in order to view our performance and speak with us about potential business. Although we understand the need to want to “try before you buy,” the business should be the last concern of a wedding band at your wedding. Being alert, dedicated, and present (physically and emotionally) is the most important to us!

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