Weddings all over the Internet

With Instagram, Facebook, Tweets, and more, it only takes one cell phone to make your wedding go viral, public and permanent on social media. While this can be an exciting time to share, there is no doubt that you lose some control of what is presented to others. Here are our thoughts to stay ahead in order to look your best, whatever your preferences may be:

Fun & Creative Display

If you would like your guests to post photos of your wedding day, let them know how to share them. The fun thing about this is viewing all of the moments happening throughout your day that you may not be able to see otherwise. Also, know there will be photos of you out there so be on your best behavior. You can share your hashtag on your wedding website, social networking sites, shower, and rehearsal dinner invitations. On the big day itself, display it in a fun and creative way. Doing this should help keep all or most of your photos in the same place.

 Keep Me Offline Please

If you’re a more private couple and prefer not to have photos shared (an “unplugged” wedding), there are ways to handle this graciously and originally without offending anyone. Pinterest has hundreds of simple ideas to share this message with guests via signs; you can also put something in print in your ceremony program. Pick a close and honest friend to give you feedback on this before you put this out!

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