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Choosing the songs for your special wedding day can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when you have so many other important wedding details to manage. Fortunately, the Ring Of Music Team is here to help you pick the perfect wedding songs for your big day. Ring Of Music has proposed that some of the most current and well-liked wedding songs be performed at your wedding to make it fun and energetic and to keep you and your guest dancing all night long.

When determining the music artist and deciding on the top wedding songs that you will want to hear during your wedding, It is strongly suggested that you should take into consideration the wedding music list that the ring of music team mentions, and with doing so this will correspond to the feel of each part of your wedding and wedding reception songs. These choices are for your wedding symphony Chicago songs, wedding ceremony music, cocktail hour music, wedding reception, and father-daughter dance songs. Even if you are not sure or undecided on what first dance song you would like for dancing, we can help you choose the best love songs for weddings. We have worked with thousands of couples, and they all have been pleased with the entire process. We have won numerous wedding awards and we are nationally recognized as the best in the wedding industry.

Our expertise in music is the top of the line with very high quality. The ring of music staff are all very friendly and easy to talk to and work with and they all enjoy what they do, giving you the vital information that you need to make your wedding songs and special event a success. The team will select the best wedding songs and the most popular wedding songs to accommodate both of you as a couple based on your musical preference. And please remember there is no such thing as a bad wedding song; as long as it’s meaningful to you and your partner, it will always be a great wedding song.

We offer unlimited song requests, and our talented ring of music wedding musicians can perform a large variety of songs for weddings.

If you would like to review our wedding song list or if you want to know what are the top wedding songs 2016, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The Ring Of Music Team

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