Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Matt Stedman and Ring of Music Band and Orchestra?

We are a group of talented and versatile musicians who can perform at your wedding! Our group comprises Grammy Award winners, recording artists, and those who have toured musically with A-list celebrities (not to toot our own horns, but it’s true!)


What is the difference between The Matt Stedman Band and Ring of Music Orchestra?

There is absolutely no difference! The Matt Stedman Band has been around for years working in the wedding registry in Chicago-land and beyond. Because of the band’s success and the fact that we are in high demand, we were excited to expand the band into a larger orchestra.


How big is the band?

We customize the sound of our band based on your event and your needs. We perform anywhere from a duo up to a twenty-piece band. We have a variety of musicians who are specialists in their fields and multi-talented- meaning they play two instruments or sing and play an instrument. This is good for you as it keeps your costs down while providing you with a larger sound.


How do I know how big of a band I need for my wedding/event or what instruments I need?

Not to worry! We will help you make this decision and make sure you’re getting the perfect sound for your needs based on your musical preferences, venue, size of the wedding, and more.


What kind of music do you play?

We play a variety of songs and assure you that guests 0-100 will all enjoy your music equally. We play current hits that you hear on the radio, favorites from the 50s-90s, slower songs to consider for special dances, Ceremony music, Country, Irish, Reggae, and more. Be sure to check out our music page for a sample of some of our songs!

We can’t decide between a band and a DJ, what do you suggest?

Believe it or not, even though our passion is to perform live, we also specialize in DJ music service and are more than happy to help you with those needs. We can do something as small as playing your favorite tunes during short breaks or switching from live music to DJ music as the night progresses. We will have an honest and meaningful discussion to make sure we meet your needs in the best way possible.


What is your pricing?

We understand that is one of your top questions and concerns, but believe it or not because we customize our packages, it’s difficult to say given the variety of couple’s needs. Things that influence price include the size of the band, how many hours the group is needed, etc. We will definitely break this down for you and give you a price based on your needs in our initial conversation.


What do you wear during a performance?

If you’ve seen our video, you might notice the different outfits we wear. Our couples and venues range from black tie, traditional, to an offbeat style wedding. While we definitely dress for the occasion, we always appear polished and professional.

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