live bands for weddings

We recently wrote a blog post about how there are many aspects of your wedding that can significantly impact the tone of your wedding day. Couples put so much time and energy into selecting the best venue, wedding attire, photographer, and flowers. Live wedding music is often the key component in the overall success of a wedding day. Therefore, something a bride and groom needs to determine is the type of entertainment at their reception. Some couples will blindly select a DJ for their wedding, not considering all of the options available to them.

Have you ever been to a wedding with an amazing wedding band? Most likely, the dance floor was packed the entire night, and everyone had a great time. On the contrary, have you ever been to a wedding with a DJ that played techno music or unrecognizable songs? In this scenario, the dance floor was most likely pretty empty with only a few lonely dancers.

Why choose a live wedding band versus a DJ?

Here are just a few reasons:

A great wedding band with talented vocalists and musicians has the experience to read the crowd and makes adjustments to the lineup and tempo of songs if necessary.

The energy of a live band adds an exciting, entertaining enhancement to a wedding reception.

Live wedding bands can give a wedding a constant ambiance of great music, rather than a DJ’s choppy music.

Enjoy Watching The Wedding Band

Some guests do not enjoy dancing. They will still enjoy watching the band as entertainment.

When you decide to book a band for your wedding, there are some things to keep in mind since all bands are not the same. A good wedding band knows which songs work and which wedding songs don’t. A good wedding group leaves a lasting impact. The bands must demonstrate professionalism from the first time you talk with a live entertainment representative to the very end of your wedding reception. You might also want to search for a wedding band or party band that can perform a variety of music rather than just one genre. You want your sixteen-year-old cousin to be just as entertained as your ninety-year-old grandma. A good bandleader can read the guests and interact accordingly. They can facilitate the night and ensure that the bride and groom are having an unforgettable event.

Now go book your wedding band. You will be glad you did.

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