The Perfect First Dance Songs

One would think picking the perfect first dance song would be an easy task- perhaps it’s the song you love listening to in a car ride together, the song that happens to be both you and your partner’s favorite in the world, or the music that was playing when you first met. Let’s be honest, these moments rarely exist and if they did we were probably too busy to notice them! So let’s focus on picking the best first dance song- the one you will look back in 30 years and love just as much as the day you danced to it. Here are our tips to assure you and your guests will have one of the most memorable moments of your wedding:

Pick a style of music you both enjoy: It’s vital for you and your partner to have fond thoughts about this experience so if one of you loves country music and the other hates it, that’s not the right genre of music for you. The wedding band playlist is a good start if you dance your first dance to a live music band. Also Think about the artists or songs you have in common and go from there. Once you do that, many websites (i.e., Pandora) will recommend similar songs and artists based on what you originally selected. This can help broaden your search and snowball into additional songs to consider.

Listen closely to the lyrics of the songs: There are so many lovely songs out there. If your music has a beautiful melody, but the lyrics are about heartache or even death (you’d be surprised!), that poses a problem! Make sure the lyrics are appropriate and meaningful to you both.

Don’t be afraid to go old school: The classics will bring a smile to your guests’ faces, and if it’s a “classic” daughter father song, you’ll be sure to look back in years to come without regrets.

You can be unconventional: (Yes, this might contradict #3). Your first dance song does not have to be what one would expect with the word “love” every other word. That being said, choosing a Weird Al or Marilyn Manson song will be sure to clear the room. It’s okay to choose something unconventional but make sure it is tasteful.

Don’t Stress: You will find the right song; you indeed will. And if you book with us, we can help you with the process and emcee your first dance song to help it be as flawless as possible!

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