Expect The Best Services

It’s been thrilling to see our business expand in so many different facets over the last decade. We have so enjoyed working with you all and look forward to meeting future clients! Our management team is comprised of those with a mind for music, business, and people. Believe it or not, we even have staff specializing in human behavior as we recognize the thoughts and feelings of those at your event and, leading up to it. We are happy to help with the following:

Before You Book

-Giving you detailed information about our music, philosophy, services, and pricing

-Learning about your event and vision for it

-Answering all of your questions and providing honest feedback based on our professional experiences and your preferences for your event

After You Book

-Collaborating with you and any parties involved assuring a smooth and successful planning progression

-Reviewing a detailed contract to assure everyone has a full and comfortable understanding

-Answering any of your follow up questions via phone or email in a timely manner

During Your Event

-Providing a range of enjoyable music guests 0-100 years old

-Assisting with any day of coordination and emceeing

-Providing a flawless experience from start to finish as demonstrated by our professionalism, positive attitude, ability to adapt, and talent.

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