Getting Your Guests To Dance

One of our promises to you is that whatever your musical tastes may be, we will have your guests of all ages enjoying it. In reading our previous blogs, you may have noticed we touch upon the psychology behind our music. Because we put great thought into this, we feel confident in our abilities to anticipate a crowd’s preferences and adapt to any situation at hand.

Huge Taylor Swift or Reggae fan, and not sure how the rest of your guests will feel about your song choices? We will have a conversation with you to find the best way to please both you and your guests. And as you can see by some of our sample songs on our website, we’ll be sure to throw in a crowd-pleaser or preface a song with just the right words to make things run smoothly.

If you have any questions or would like to speak more to us about how to cater to every guest while keeping you and your partner’s preferences, we are more than happy to give guidance in this area!

We wish happy dancing to everyone!

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